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Align Homes & Developments are specialists in creating Apartments around the Melbourne area for over 15 years.

Align Homes and Development are passionate in providing and creating your Apartment complex project. We aim to provide our clients an efficient and reliable service to ensure a quality design and build that is on schedule and on budget.

We are experienced in designing medium scale Apartments to mixed use blocks. Align Homes and Developments can assist with the design and planning phases of your Apartment block, whether you are an experienced property developer, investor and for the everyday person looking at starting their property portfolio. Align Homes will work with you to maximise the full potential and possibilities, to design the Apartment investment that suits your needs.

When choosing Align Homes and Development, remember that we, can offer to,

  • Organise Town Planning and all relevant documents required for the building permit including soil tests and energy rating
  • Architectural and Working Drawings by our in house Architect
  • Organise Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering for the project

Contact Align Home and Developments – specialists in the building and construction industry for over 15 years, for any further information about Apartment design in and around Melbourne.